Peaceful Face

I met this peaceful face on my visit to the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh earlier this month. Sitting under a tree, on the side way leading to the exit gate.The old Red Meranti, or Cannonball tree, seemed to hug him into the folds of its aged trunk. And this face looked like it enjoyed the comfort of the hug.
People passed by, some stopped in front of him and touched his folded knee in a respectful manner. He stayed still. In front of him were fruits, flowers, dried and fresh ones, money, and a glass of water placed in a wooden plank. The offerings.

The wind blew, shaking dried leaves off of its branch. I shifted my standing position and blinked. Time to move on. So I walked on to my awaiting tuk-tuk driver, leaving behind this sitting Buddha statue, continuing my quick wandering on Cambodia’s capitol city.

Budha and Red Meranti Phnom Penh

*PS: as I blog walked, I found that several posts on this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge-Face also use statue faces. They are mesmerizing. Check them out! 😀


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