My Best Nine 2015-part I

Is it too late to reflect on 2015? By the phrase “reflect on”, I mean the (used-to-be) popular Instagram #2015bestnine post.

Yes? Too late? I will still write this post anyway hahaha..

I have prepared this post’s draft on December 27, 2015. The date I discovered about this website  following a post from @titatutu, the owner of this cute blog. However, I have a chronic disease of a part-time blogger who struggle with writing regularly. Most of the time, I managed to write a blog post when I have more important task to do that due in 24 hours or so. And yes. This post is no spare 😀

I’m supposed to be analyzing a set of research data, which should be reported on Monday morning (which is TOMORROW). And yet, here I am, suddenly  remembered the neglected draft about #2015bestnine. My brain voluntarily told the fingers to click on the WordPress tab rather than the spreadsheet. Feeding the thought of guilt for failing to post another blog entry on schedule, winning it over the fear for not being able to complete the report by the deadline.

Oh well, the more I write it down, the more it felt now.  So I’d better get this post done right away.. :p

From left to right starting from the upper row are:

1. Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey.

This picture was taken in the morning, before the scorching September sun took in (thanks for the candid @sora_marjuki). There was a story about that morning. A  self-reminder that I planned to highlight in this post. But a recent event had occurred and shifted my plan. When I see this picture now, all I can think about is the tragedy happened not so long ago around  this beautiful historical area 😦 A suicidal bombing hurt tenth of people in a courtyard of Sultanahmet district, only meters from this mosque and our hotel. Yes, our hotel was just across the Blue Mosque. As there are so many hotels nearby, this fact should not be something special. However, considering that I might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, the fact that everything was very fine during my visit only caused me to be more grateful about the experience. True that there weren’t always rainbows back then, —I couldn’t even brought home an ìbrik for myself!— but it surely a lot more pleasant time compared to these recent days in Istanbul. My thoughts and prayers goes for all the afflicted, may God put mercy on them.

2. Colorful notebooks

This picture was originally posted for an Instagram Weekend Hashtag Project, #WHPColorplay it is. If you go and check the official Instagram account, you will find that each weekend they posted different themes. The story behind: these notebooks are actually a personal memento about my master thesis. In 2015, I struggled to finish my postponed master program. Among other things is writing a master thesis. On these colorful notebooks I wrote down every progress, to-do list, doodles, ideas… everything. Including my desperate survival strategy when I –for some reasons– had to change supervisor 4 weeks before THE FINAL deadline. It was a lot of lessons. A hell lot of it. My steps were slow, but I’m sure I dug quite deep the lessons life has to offer.

There were three notebooks. Each one represents a month. I used the orange and finished the green. I’m glad I didn’t have to use the blue one 🙂

3. Kahayan Bridge, Palangka Raya, Indonesia

One of my favorites! I even use exactly the same picture for my ABOUT page. I have written a little about my trip to Palangka Raya, Borneo (or Kalimantan) in another post, and another one, and another one (ouch!). Truly one of the most peaceful place to enjoy sunset. The water under the dock was full of water hyacinths, giving it vibrant greens in contrast with the black woods. Despite their fragile look, the dock was surprisingly robust enough for many people to walk on. Though one should still mind the step for the holes created by the missing  planks.

WP_20150403_070 1

4.Lazy leopards in Lions Park, Johannesburg, South Africa

On September 2015, I attended a Medical Education conference in Boksburg, a district between Pretoria and Johannesburg in South Africa. One day off and we decided to hop on a safari. Although it wasn’t a real open wilderness area, the trip pretty much gives us a close contact with the big cats. Leopards are amazing. Their black “eyeliners” actually do something other than making them looks cool. Leopards’ eyes are programmed to hunt in the dark, which means it can capture more light than human eyes. That’s why they can see clearly even in a low light setting. During the day, the black liners help in absorbing abundant sunlight. Thus, reducing the amount of lights entering their eyes so it doesn’t become too bright for them. Hence, they don’t go blind in the bright daylight, unlike many other nocturnal species. At least that’s what I thought the tour guide says :B There are actually some more technical information about the leopards, but I don’t want anybody to get bored more than this poor lion cub. Too bad we hadn’t had much time to go on the night safari to watch them hunt. WP_20150914_066

5. Hairbands, #WHPcolorplay

Another #WHPColorplay picture. The challenge asked us to post a picture with colors as its main composition, with no limitation in the device used. I used my phone camera. That day, I happened to recently opened a set of hairbands consisting of several colors. I snapped them, upload and time goes by. The thing with hairbands is: they came in dozen, but when we needed them, they last only one piece. One piece! As if they all went to a quest with only one victor allowed to survive.

By the way, upon writing this post, I came to a realization that among other colors in the set, all the surviving hairbands of mine are the yellow ones. What? Where are the other colors? Look, they’re even available  in several hues! Unbelievable..



Phew.. OK. Turns out this post become a long one. I will stop here for now, don’t get dissapointed. I’ll keep the rest for my next “deadline” (which should be in the next three days) 😀

Thank you for stopping by! ^^,

PS: Saya tadinya mau menulis postingan ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia, entah mengapa jadi Bahasa Inggris. Mohon dimaafkan.. :B


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