My Best Nine 2015-part I

Is it too late to reflect on 2015? By the phrase “reflect on”, I mean the (used-to-be) popular Instagram #2015bestnine post.

Yes? Too late? I will still write this post anyway hahaha..

I have prepared this post’s draft on December 27, 2015. The date I discovered about this website  following a post from @titatutu, the owner of this cute blog. However, I have a chronic disease of a part-time blogger who struggle with writing regularly. Most of the time, I managed to write a blog post when I have more important task to do that due in 24 hours or so. And yes. This post is no spare 😀

I’m supposed to be analyzing a set of research data, which should be reported on Monday morning (which is TOMORROW). And yet, here I am, suddenly  remembered the neglected draft about #2015bestnine. My brain voluntarily told the fingers to click on the WordPress tab rather than the spreadsheet. Feeding the thought of guilt for failing to post another blog entry on schedule, winning it over the fear for not being able to complete the report by the deadline.

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