Enveloped: Rolls of delicacy


One of my favorite food! I love seafood, I love rice, thus I love sushi 😀 This one contains fried tempura and cucumber in the inside, enveloped in a layer of rice and seaweed, topped with salmon slice and egg fish. Oh yumm..

Sushi has always been one of my favorite Japanese food. Not that I know every kind of Japanese food, but the ones I’ve tried, I loved them. I have been curious about Japanese food since a  long time ago. Thanks to those manga. In my opinion, manga writers are excellent in making exaggerations of everything, which is not bad at all. And many times after reading one of those pictured stories, I would find a nearby Japanese food court and ordered similar food to the ones I have just read. If they have it.


This week was no exception. A friend of mine showed me a documentary movie titled Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Oh, how I couldn’t help my belly from growling during the whole movie. I know the sushi that I took picture of is no match to Jiro’s. That one is a HIGH CLASS sushi, a luxurious one. The one I had is more to street food, more like the ones they serve in smaller sushi stores in Japan.


Coz I’ve never been to Japan. Hahaha.. *crying silently*.

It’s still in my bucket list of places I want to visit 😥 Several friends of mine studied in Japan, and their Instagram photos shows off how pretty the cities in Japan are. And the people. And the buildings. And, of course,  the food. I really wish to be able to go there someday in near future and experience the gustatory treats of sushi in its hometown. Oh, and now I feel the urge to browse cheap tickets to Japan. Any invitation for me, Japanese friends? 😉

*This post is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped*

12 thoughts on “Enveloped: Rolls of delicacy

  1. Gara says:

    Wokay, sushi. One kind of sushi that I’ve tried before was fried sushi :haha. I think we couldn’t call that as “sushi” anymore :)).
    That looks delicious, but… I don’t think that I will love it as much as you do, because I’ve tasted some kinds of Japanese food and I honestly think them as a little bit tasteless. Well, I guess it was because I didn’t add enough seasoning before eating it–you know, those sauces and that green thing–wasabi, right?
    But since I (used to) love Japanese-related stuffs, too, absolutely I won’t resist in those sushi, in case someone has proved that they are indeed delicious :)).

    I’m not even talk about the photos, yet. Lovely! I love the salmon’s color. It matches with the sauce!


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