Motion: What keeps you balance


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”-Albert Einstein

I already frustrated with the camera at hand. The one I don’t even own. Mind the aperture opening, mind the shutter speed. I can’t even hold the camera steady even with both hands to capture a stiff rock. Not to mention the abundant opportunity missed to capture moments in the name of “busy routine”. By the midweek, I already gave up searching for materials to send to this week’s challenge. I will never be able to create nice photo to submit.

Then suddenly it was late this afternoon that I stumbled into this old picture. I was looking for a saved picture in my phone gallery. This picture, I posted it in my Instagram account a few weeks ago. It was spring 2011 (or 2010) when I took this picture using my old phone camera. Then the quote came up to my mind. And suddenly I realized something…

I shouldn’t have given up in the first place. Yes, I haven’t been able to make new pictures. Yes, my technique is still very raw. Yes, I used (another) old picture. But hey..that is just the point of the prompt. IT MOVED ME TO DO SOMETHING. If I stopped trying, that is when the nature of my humanity will suffer. Humans aren’t created to be still. We are created to move, to make motion. Learning is a process of moving. At least in switching from an “unconscious incompetent” learner to a new state of “conscious incompetent” learner. That is when learning begins. That is when we are moving. Throughout our life, we have to make motions. Because motion keeps us going. Maybe not far, maybe not in the first-planned direction, but still, we keep going.

So I tell myself: “Don’t stop, maybe you’re so close to the top.”


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