Early Bird: Dawn at the Two Rivers


 Mangrove shadows overcast by the early rising equator sun. It was a slightly cloudy morning with a cold breeze as our boat cruising the Barito River heading to Pulau Kembang, which literally means Flower Island. But it wasn’t for the flower that we came. The local people call the place as Monkey Island. It earns the nickname from the large horde of monkey living in the island amongst the tangled root and branches of mangroves. Beside monkeys, the mangrove forest is also a habitat for various kind of birds. Even before we reached the island, the sight of seagulls and hawks had greeted us. *too bad my camera skill was lame that I couldn’t catch even just one clear image of the creatures 😦 This make a homework for my next visit.


We started our trip from a small dock in the South Kuin district, at the bank of Martapura River, the branch of Barito River. It was around ten minutes boat trip to Kuin Floating Market, our previous stop before the monkey island. As I sat at on the front end of my boat, I witnessed how the river has come to live even before the sky gain its color. Some of the passengers in my boat prefer to sit under the boat hood because of the cold morning breeze, but I couldn’t help myself from enjoying the brush of the wind in my face. Sometimes, with a spray of water as a bonus. Kuin Floating Market and Pulau Kembang are part of my solo trip to Borneo –or Kalimantan in Bahasa Indonesia–earlier this month. More posts on the trip will (hopefully) follow x)

This post is a response for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird from Daily Post.


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