Afloat: People of The River

SavedPicture-2015416184244.jpgA boat man stretched his back before starting another trip. He stood on the logs that were afloat on this river called Martapura River. A typical view in the morning at Kuin Floating Market, a form of traditional market in Banjarmasin, Indonesia.


These logs were transported to the collecting point after being cut down from the forest. Floating these logs is cheaper compared to carrying them on trucks, saving pennies to compensate for other expenses in the business.


Before the sun even rose, these people had already kick-started their boat. Carrying passengers to shop from the sellers, whom also sell their goods on boats. This river, it holds afloat what makes these people -and their family- staying “afloat” from day to day. More story about Floating Market in Banjarmasin, a city in Borneo, will follow.

Note: This post is a response for The Daily Post this week with the theme Afloat. Enjoy 🙂

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