So a friend of mine once asked me,
“Tell me, why are some people so excited about postcards?”

For me,

Post cards are deep.
You know what is so nice about postcards?
The message.
But more than that,
The effort to make it happen.
Selecting the card, writing on it, spending a penny for the stamp, walk several hundred meters to find a box
or post office, and wishing it to reach the destination safely and on time.

Especially when they do it without you having to ask.
They remember you in their heart.
The message they wrote on are sincere.
That’s sweet.

And me..
I’m still waiting a postcard from you.

::PS: I received the cards in the pic from a sweet kitten. That was before the post office started to send the other cards off the course. sebal. sangat sebal 😐


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