Life is Boring

Inspired by a friend’s complaint about “why should life has its boring moments”, I remember reading about it somewhere and I just feel like writing it for her in my own understanding :P

Boredom is unavoidable


Not even today when your cell phone connects you not only by a distant conversation; nor when you consider your real life is not the exam coming ahead but the virtual-purple-feathered-pet-skipping-the-rope on your notebook’s LCD :- Sometimes you’re tired of doing the same thing everyday, tired of feeling the same way every time, or tired of just being yourself in every single breath. But hey..congratulation for being bored! It means you’ve passed the stage of living merely to survive..


We are most human when we feel dull

Boredom gives us time to re-think of our life, whether we’re on the right track or slip it out unrealized. Did we crave for something really meant to be? Or we just go afford for it because we used to?

To be bored is to stop reacting to the external world and exploring the internal ones

You might get startled by what your mind discovers while it dives  into your bored-self. Maybe it’s something big, or just a small detail you didn’t realize before, but it sure brings a new way of thinking for yourself–or a tickle in your stomach ;))

Boredom is not about getting new stuffs to replace the old ones, it’s about the new point of view

Well, some people maybe just get stuck and jump out the boring time with the same nothingness it came, but is it really nothing? Being bored doesn’t mean you failed your life. I agree that boredom is one of the essential human emotion necessary for life. It is the time for the invention of new paradigms, human crafts, love, everything..

All of us, my dear friend, has been in the state of boredom. And to me, it’s one of the moments in my life when I appreciate myself more and feel grateful for the pain I carry around inside of me:)

So, enjoy you boredom while you can still have it for free


**Paraphrased from..umh..Ways To Live Forever?? Or..Reader’s Digest?? Or A Cup of Comfort for Friends?? Oh well, whatever**

PS: This writing doesn’t legal any laziness or aversion for accomplishing any task necessary for the continuity of life and career. It is simply a regard for the state or boredom and an enlightenment trial for a friend