Dried Up


1.wrinkled or cracked from drying

2. having its water supply exhausted

Mau tau gimana caranya mengeringkan manusia dalam waktu satu malem?

Mau tau olahraga yang cukup menguras energi dan mengencangkan otot? Gak perlu dilakukan di Gym. Gak ngeluarin banyak keringet jugak, tapi abis itu lemes. Kering. Semuanya keluar. Mengalir. Menguap.


Hoo..jangan ngeres dulu..


Saat kamu ngerasa berada pada suatu titik di paling bawah. Waktu semuanya kerasa gelap aja yang ada. U wanna reach out for someone, but no one’s around. Not even the person who promised to always be there..

U can only cry

Push your lacrimal gland to it’s maximum capacity, force them 2flood out everything they got. Crunching it till it hurts. Weep out and scream. A screaming only ghost could hear. U let the emotion u keep inside blows out. No frontier. U dance with the devil and cry. Cry. Cry. And Cry. Till u dried up. Body n soul.

U can only pray

For a magical fairy to come n pour her light-powder to heal you. Or an angel to tucked u back to the warmth of the dreams.

But u don’t pray for the sun to rise earlier. Because the sun itself hurting u..

The sun dried you up. Cracked and fragile.

And trust me, for you who craves for flat belly but hates doing sit-up, u should give it a try. Do it all night long, and u’ll wake up like u have done 1500 times sit-ups! But well, some side events may occur :B swollen eyes, lethargy, dizziness, and dirty look from everyone u meet the next morning hhahahaha!!



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